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Fashion Trends & News

Return to the Classics

by Nashville Shoe Warehouse June 30, 2022

When it comes to style, whether you’re dressing up or keeping your look casual, there are certain looks that never go out of fashion.
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Slide into Warmer Weather

by Nashville Shoe Warehouse June 10, 2022

Colder weather is gone, and the sun is shining – it’s time to show some skin. From shorts to sundresses, slides are the latest, retro-inspired trend that add a touch of cool style to anyone’s look.
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Get Ready to go Sockless

by Nashville Shoe Warehouse May 20, 2022

The warmer weather has arrived, now is the time to embrace the sunshine and fresh air by kicking off your old loafers or sneakers and sliding into a fresh pair of sandals.  No matter your style or preferences 
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Add some new life to your wardrobe this spring

by Nashville Shoe Warehouse April 27, 2022

The trees are budding, the flowers are blooming, and your feet are sweating in your old leather loafer. As the days start getting brighter and warmer, it’s time to upgrade your footwear and embrace the spring season. 
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Time to give hot weather the BOOT

by Nashville Shoe Warehouse November 03, 2021

When the days get shorter, you know it’s time to switch out your shoes for some new-season boots. Trying to decide between chukkas and Chelseas? Take a closer look...
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Just like the trees, it’s time to make a wardrobe change

by Nashville Shoe Warehouse October 18, 2021

With cooler weather quickly approaching, you might find yourself wondering what you need to make that tricky transition from shorts and tees to a truly fashionable fall. 
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Embrace adventure with our hiking collection of shoes and boots

by Nashville Shoe Warehouse October 01, 2021

As the leaves begin to change and summer finally begins to cool off, now is the time to hit the trails or head for the mountains. If the outdoors are calling your name,
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Take your style to new heights

by Laura Van Sickle September 15, 2021

As the days get a bit shorter and folks start digging out their favorite flannels, now is the time to get your fall footwear in order. Just like vinyl records and Polaroid cameras, retro-inspired sneakers...
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Casual Cool

by Nashville Shoe Warehouse September 01, 2021

You’ve seen him, we all have, that casual, laid-back guy who is rocking a pair of jeans while somehow radiating class and refinement. A light button-down shirt and straight jeans have never looked so polished, 
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Genesco Donates Footwear, Water and More to Tennessee Flood Relief Efforts

by Nashville Shoe Warehouse August 27, 2021

Genesco is giving back to those affected by floods in Waverly, Tenn., this week. The Nashville-based footwear company has donated a variety of shoes
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Funky, Fresh, & Far Out

by Nashville Shoe Warehouse August 25, 2021

Tie-dye is in full swing, but you don’t have to dig out the rubber bands and rainbow dyes to get it on the action. With our Levi’s tie-dye shoes you can show off your funky side without staining your hands or ruining a load (or two ... or three) of laundry.
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Introducing Levi’s Slippers

by Nashville Shoe Warehouse August 06, 2021

No longer a winter accessory, slippers are the new go-to loungewear accessory. Perfect for grabbing the paper and cooking up Sunday brunch or those last minute video calls, ...
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