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Slip into comfy, cozy slippers

October 07, 2022 3 min read

Four ways to embrace the comfiest, coziest footwear

Slippers are no longer just reserved for holiday breaks or the coldest day of the year, everyone’s guilty pleasure footwear is just a fashion staple any day of the week. Slippers are an easy way to show the world your elevated style, without giving up any bit of comfiness or sacrificing your laid-back, casual vibes. Plus, having the right kind of slipper makes it easy to go from lounging at home to hanging with friends without missing a step. Comfort is key and our entire collection of slippers is the doorway to next-level relaxation. And for the first time ever, we now have a full range of women’s slippers.

So, you’re sold – you’re ready to embrace comfort and style, but now you might be wondering when and where you should rock your coziest shoes.

We’ve pulled together an entire list of when and how to style your slippers, no matter what you’ve got planned for the day.


If you’re working from home full-time or just enjoying that hybrid work schedule, having the right pair of slippers is key. Studies have shown that dressing for work can help increase abstract thinking, help you feel more powerful, and even have better attention to detail. So, if you’re working from home, having the right pair of slippers is pretty important. You want to stay comfy but still feel elevated and stylish, to help you put your best foot forward. We recommend the Harlin Men’s Venetian Slipper or the Tiffanie Women’s Clog Slipper. Both of these slippers feature a dual-density footbed for next-level, personalized comfort and a high traction, durable rubber outsole. That way, if you do have to swing by the office, no one will be questioning your elevated, casual style.


If you’re heading to a friend's house or popping out to grab a coffee, you shouldn’t have to give up your comfort or coziness. Hanging out and relaxing should be a full-body experience, right? So why not slide on some slippers that show the world you’re kicking back and relaxing, even if you’re out on the town? Take a look at Roger Men’s Venetian Slippers or Lacey Women’s Scuff Slippers for some trendy slipper inspiration. Go ahead and pair either of these slippers with jeans and a tee, a pair of matching sweats, or even shorts and a hoodie, for a look that shows off your laid-back style.


When you’re just hanging out at home, you don’t want to even have to think about what’s on your feet. You should have a pair of slippers on hand that keeps your feet relaxed and cozy all day long. From holding down the couch to cooking up brunch, having the right pair of slippers can be the difference between a beautiful little staycation and a dreary day at home. Check out Milton 2 Men’s Scuff Slippers or Talya Women’s Scuff Slippers Both pairs feature microsuede uppers, dual-density footbeds, and durable rubber outsoles so you can slide these slippers on and embrace long-lasting comfort, without giving up any of your classic style.

Bonus Slipper – the Wildcard

Maybe you’re still hesitant about slippers; just not convinced this trend is for you. Sure, you’d love a pair of shoes that could go from hanging out at home to running into the grocery store, but is this look really for you? And even though all of these slippers are built for comfort and breathability, you’re still a little worried about your feet getting too hot.

Let us introduce you to the Hughes Slide Slippers. These are the slippers that were made for cool style and next-level breathability. They keep your feet relaxed and comfortable with their memory foam footbed and durable outsole while bringing stylish, trendy vibes to any outfit with their fleece uppers and slide design. From jeans to sweats; the couch to the corner shop, these slippers are for anyone and everyone looking to show off their style and always stay relaxed.

Comfortable, and Cozy

Whether you’re working from home or embracing a weekend of relaxation, in this day and age, having the proper pair of slippers is a fashion necessity. Our full collection of men and women’s slippers makes it simple and easy to find the pair that can take you from work to play and everything in between, without giving up your cool style or (more importantly) your comfort or coziness.