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The Anika C Sneaker - A single shoe designed for any day

November 21, 2022 3 min read

In today’s world, style is all about your own personality and preferences, it’s totally acceptable to throw on low-top sneakers with a blazer and pencil skirt – something our grandmothers would never have dreamed of doing – or step out in a bright-colored sweatsuit with a matching pair of kicks.

But in this day and age, you can embrace your style any way – no matter how bold. In order to make the most of your closet and style, you need a shoe that’s as versatile as you and can keep up with even the busiest schedule.

Allow us to introduce you to the Anika C Sneaker.

Not only does this retro-inspired, low-top sneaker come in eight different color options but it’s also designed to keep you light on your toes all day long. No matter which color you chose, these women’s sneakers feature:

  • Breathable vegan canvas fabric uppers
  • Lightly cushioned footbed
  • Lace-up, low-top sneaker design
  • Durable rubber outsoles
  • Detailed stitching
  • Iconic Levi’s branding

Whether you’re looking to embrace your timeless, classic style or show off your bold, colorful flair, the Anika C Sneaker is ready to offer you next-level support and long-lasting comfort every step of the way. Here’s a guide to help you pick the perfect pair.

Timeless and Classic

If you’re getting ready to rock your favorite pair of jeans and a simple tee shirt, then you need a shoe that takes that look to a whole new level of crisp, clean, and classic.

Hello, Anika C Sneaker.

The bold rubber outsole keeps your look fresh, while the low-top design and lace-up construction bring classic, vintage-inspired vibes to any look. If you’re wanting to elevate your classic style, we recommend going for this women’s sneaker in black or white. Both options pair seamlessly with any timeless outfit.

Pop of Color

Whether you’re heading to a cookout in your favorite sundress or getting ready for a night on the town in a pair of sleek skinny jeans, the Anika C Sneaker is an easy way to show off your colorful style in a laid-back, casual way.

Show off your style with any (or all) of the following colors:

No matter which route you go, the detailed stitching, iconic Levi’s branding, and bright canvas uppers are sure to elevate your look and show off a bit of colorful flair.

Cool and Casual

One unique thing about these women’s sneakers is that they can work in two different ways. They can elevate a casual outfit, or tone down a more polished look.

If you’ve got a pair of trousers and a stylish coat that you’ve been dying to wear, but are worried the look is a bit too fancy for a day at the office or meeting up with friends for lunch, then add go ahead and add the Anika C Sneakers in charcoal or navy, the bold rubber outsoles create clean, crisp lines while the retro-inspired, low-top design help bring some casual vibes to your look. On the flip side, if you’ve got a casual outfit, like your favorite sweats and a graphic tee, adding either of these color options is a subtle way to kick your laid-back look up a notch. The iconic branding and detailed stitching, paired with rubber toe and textured outsole breathe new life into even your most casual outfits.

Sleek Style

When it comes to creating a slick bold look, for work or play, the Anika C Sneaker in black mono is the ideal footwear. These sneakers feature a bold, black outsole that perfectly matches the black canvas uppers and detailed black stitching. If you’re heading out for a night with friends, add these women’s sneakers to a pair of black leggings and a tight turtleneck for a bold and sophisticated look. Pair them with a flowy slip dress and cardigan for a more casual, trendy look that highlights texture and detail.

Any Occasion. Every Day.

The Anika C Sneaker really is made for any day you’ve got ahead of you. From work to play, this shoe is built for long-lasting comfort and literally any outfit. Whether you choose your favorite color option, the one that will work with all of your top looks, or take the plunge and grab two or three (or eight) different colors, this women’s sneaker is sure to turn heads and elevate any look you’ve got planned. These shoes are so easy to style, they’re sure to be your new favorite go-to pair.