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The Latest Trend: Joggers and a Sports Jacket

September 15, 2022 3 min read


The first time you saw it, it wasn’t hard to miss. Someone rocking sweatpants and a sports jacket might raise an eyebrow or two. You stood there asking yourself a few questions – Did they look laid-back and casual or ready for a business meeting? How could someone look so cozy and stylish at the same time? Could I pull this off? Don’t worry; we asked ourselves the same things and have made a super-easy guide to help you rock this modern-day sweat-suit combo.


Ready for Work:

If you’re heading into the office but still dreaming of work-from-home days, this trend was made for you. First, you need a sports coat, something a little elevated to show your co-workers that, despite wearing sweatpants, you are still taking your job seriously. This cotton corduroy jacket is just what you need to keep them from questioning you and your style. To complement the deep blue of that jacket, and fully embrace this trend, you need a pair of relaxed joggers; we recommend this pair in white. The contrasting colors will show off your keen fashion sense while also keeping you fully relaxed. Finally, finish off this look with a solid pair of slip-ons; we have the ideal pair right here. These Ferris casual loafers were practically made for this trend with their stretch fabric uppers, detailed stitching, an ultra-cushioned footbed, and an extra-flexible outsole.


On the Go:

If you’re running errands, stopping by the office, and squeezing in a team meet-up, you really need to embrace this trend. Keeping your look fashionable and functional has never been easier. For those on-the-go days, we recommend a more casual jacket. This cotton-hemp work jacket is perfect for pairing with joggers, as it elevates your casual look with its statement pockets and subtle branding. Because this is a darker jacket, the best way to keep this look on-trend is to add a pair of lighter colored sweatpants, like these straight-fit sports sweats. These sweatpants have clinched legs, and we suggest pushing them up just a bit to show off a pair of business casual sneakers, like these Goshen 2 Casual Sneaker Boots. The synthetic, vegan leather uppers and detailed stitching on these men’s shoes make them a simple, stylish way to polish off this laid-back look.


Cool & Casual:

On days when you’re just hanging out at home or maybe meeting up with friends for coffee or lunch, this trend is a great option to have on hand. Start with your favorite joggers (check out these Red Tab Sweats from Levi’s if you need a new pair) and add a pair of shoes that bring your style up a level. You’ll need some that have a good balance of refinement and comfort, like these Jeffery Waxed NB sneakers. These shoes are made with synthetic, vegan leather to polish off your casual look and feature that retro-inspired, low-top design that shows off your laid-back style. Plus, the ultra-cushioned footbed and shock-absorbing outsole will keep you feeling as comfortable as you look. When you’re ready to welcome friends over for dinner or head out to grab a drink with that special someone, you need to ramp up your outfit. Simply add a clean-cut, fashionable coat, like this Chore Coat from Dockers. The square fit, detailed stitching, and relaxed shape are perfect for trying out this trend without feeling too posh.


With hybrid work schedules and spontaneous lunch dates, you never know where your day might lead. This bold trend might have taken you by surprise at first, but now is the time to embrace it – it’s the perfect way to show off your stylish, fashionable side without losing your laid-back, casual vibes. From work to play, it’s easy to give this trend a go, and you’ve already got everything you need right in your closet: sweats, a sports coat, and a sleek pair of shoes.