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Slide into Warmer Weather

June 10, 2022 3 min read

Colder weather is gone, and the sun is shining – it’s time to show some skin. From shorts to sundresses, slides are the latest, retro-inspired trend that add a touch of cool style to anyone’s look. And this trend isn’t just for hanging at home or heading to the water, slides are becoming so popular because they’re easy to dress up or keep casual. So, you’d better think twice before throwing on last year’s bargain-bin flip-flops; embrace this trend to show the world how you keep your style cool, casual, and classic. 


Unisex Slides:

If you’re looking for a subtle pair of slides that seamlessly pair with any style, these Levi’s 3D Slides are the perfect pair for you. Available in a whole range of classic, understated colors, from black or white to pink or blue, these slide-on sandals work for basically any look, whether you need to keep it casual or dress them up. If you’re hanging out at home or running errands around town, why not pair these pink or blue sandals with a classic white tee and pair of sweats for the ultimate, chill outfit. But if you’ve got a summer event to attend, like a casual beach wedding, and you’re wondering what you’re going to do for footwear, we recommend grabbing a flowy dress with a subtle print or chinos with a button-up shirt paired with these solid black slides. No matter which way you style these slides, your look will be elevated while still laid-back and casual.

Men’s Slides:

If you’re trying to find the ideal pair of men’s slide sandals, we’ve got two options that are sure to be anyone’s new go-to favs. First is our Levi’s Men’s Tie Dye Slides. These sandals are easy to keep by the door as you head out for the day as they seamlessly bring a touch of flair to any look with their subtle tie-dye uppers and bold rubber outsoles. Add them to jeans and your favorite graphic tee or some sweat shorts; they’re great when you want to bring a little pizzazz into a casual look. Our other favorite slide is Levi’s Men’s Batwing; these slides are classic and cool with their durable outsole and iconic Levi's logo across the uppers. And they’re easy to style; normally, we’d never suggest adding socks to sandals, but with slides, you can get away with anything -- and that is especially true with these retro-inspired ones. So go ahead and add socks to these sandals with a pair of khaki shorts or rolled-up sweatpants; it's an easy way to look trendy and comfy at the same time. But like we said, slides are versatile, so you can go casual or add them to slacks or jeans, and the bold Levi’s logo will elevate your look, while the slide-on style keeps it casual.

Women’s Slides:

Whether you’re heading to the pool, meeting friends for coffee, stopping by the office, or just getting things done around town, having a reliable pair of slides is almost just a basic necessity at this point. We’ve got two options perfect for any look; one for everyday, casual comfort and one for a trendy, bold statement. These Levi’s Women’s Translucent Slides are perfect for any laid-back outfit, from skinny jeans or denim shorts, as the see-through uppers and subtle Levi’s branding add a touch of color and keep you feeling extra cool. But if you really want to make a statement or are looking for the perfect pair of slides to add bold style to your bike shorts or denim skirt, you have to grab these Levi’s Women’s Platform Slides. The extra-tall, bold outsole and iconic Levi’s logo splashed across the uppers make these funky sandals perfect for truly taking your style to a new level.

Whether you’re looking to make a statement or just looking to make it through the summer heat, our collection of slides is ready to help you embrace any day. This trend is one we can all enjoy, as these sandals offer next-level breathability and comfort while still keeping your style elevated. Whether you’re going for a casual look or want to add a little flare to something dressier, we’ve got the perfect pair of slides  for you.