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Don’t be afraid to go sockless

May 04, 2020 2 min read

Are you ready to show some ankle? Ditching your socks is the easiest way to signal that it’s summer — and it’s not just for impossibly suave Europeans who spend their time lounging around on yachts. Here’s how to get the look, whatever you’re up to.

Get smart to banish odors

Nobody wants to be that guy: the one who can empty a room with just one sniff of his whiffy feet. Put your mind at rest with CleanSport NXT™, our odor-control footbeds featuring anti-microbial technology to promote good foot health. Developed to keep your feet feeling (and smelling) fresh, you’ll find it in all our Dockers Smart Series™ shoes — even the sneakers. Turns out going sockless is not just for sandals.

Actually, no-show socks are allowed

OK, you can cheat a little. If you really can’t be parted from your socks, there is a solution: those little footsie socks that don’t peek out over the topline of your shoes. Smaller even than a trainer liner, these invisible socks — also known as loafer liners — are your secret weapon this summer; they’ll give you the no-show look you need with everything from boat shoes to sneakers and oxfords. Trust us, every well-dressed man has a stash of these in his underwear drawer.

This is how we roll

There’s no point in mastering the whole no-sock thing without showing off a little, and it’s easy to do. Simply roll up the cuffs of your jeans or khakis a little to reveal a flash of nicely-tan ankle; rolling just once is fine, or you can go for a double roll no wider than 1½”. Also, if you like a tapered effect, just pinch your pants in slightly at the back seam before you roll them. Then cross your ankles and admire your handiwork. Summer = done.