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Brand spotlight: Levi’s®

April 10, 2020 2 min read

Levi’s® men’s shoes have arrived at Nashville Shoe Warehouse. To celebrate, we take a look at the American denim brand that created the blue jean as we know it.

Levi's batwing logo

The history of Levi Strauss & Co.

Levi’s® has a history stretching back to the California Gold Rush. It all began in 1853, when Levi Strauss, a Bavarian immigrant, arrived in San Francisco to set up a West Coast outpost of his brother’s dry goods business.

He went into partnership with one of his customers, a tailor called Jacob Davis, who had hit on the idea of adding metal rivets to denim workwear pants to make them more durable. They patented their invention on May 20th, 1873, and the classic blue jean was born.

Since then, the denim overalls originally worn by laborers have come to define American style — and the jeans in your wardrobe today are directly descended from that first pair in San Francisco, where the brand still has its headquarters.

The Two Horse trademark

Levi two horse logoThe famous Two Horse logo was first introduced in 1886 to highlight the strength of the company’s jeans. The design shows two horses pulling a pair of jeans in opposite directions in an attempt to split them apart; naturally, they don’t succeed and the jeans remain intact. It got the message across so effectively that until 1928, Levi’s® was known as “The Two Horse Brand”, and the patch is still used on Levi’s® products today.

The iconic red tab made its first appearance fifty years later in 1936, when it was added to the back right pocket of the 501® jean.

Introducing Levi’s® footwear

Like the brand’s denim, Levi’s® men’s shoes are designed for living in: stylish sneakers, sneaker boots, and casual lace-ups that pair perfectly with Levi’s® clothing. Rugged and durable, Levi’s® footwear pays homage to the brand’s heritage — look out for the Two Horse patch on the tongue of a chukka boot, or the sole of a summer flip flop.

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