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With these Dockers casual sneaker shoes, you’ll never think twice about your look or comfort. Designed to easily pair with any outfit, for any occasion, you can easily add these men’s shoes to jeans or slacks. Stop by the office, head out for that lunch date, or join the crew for happy hour — these men’s shoes have been carefully crafted with textile and knit uppers, making them ready for anything you’ve got planned. Plus, they feature Dockers’ lightweight, flexible Supreme Comfort EVA footbed, a moisture-wicking sock cover, and a quilted microfiber counter lining to give you long-lasting, next-level comfort. The durable rubber outsole on these men’s sneakers adds traction and support while also keeping your look clean and fresh. Add them to work slacks, your favorite jeans, or even a pair of shorts to keep your look refined and your feet relaxed.
  • INNOVATIVE COMFORT TECHNOLOGY — Comfort is key and these Dockers shoes unlock a whole new level of support and relaxation. The Supreme Comfort EVA outsole provides extra cushion and comfort while the Active Rebound Technology creates elevated support and enduring stability with every step.
  • LONG-LASTING BREATHABILITY — Stop by the office or head to happy hour after work, with these Dockers shoes it doesn’t matter how long your day is the innovative design ensures breathability with every step. Complete with a quilted microfiber counter lining and moisture-wicking sock cover, these shoes are built to keep your feet cool, comfortable, and relaxed.
  • DURABILITY AND VERSATILITY — With these men’s shoes you’ll never have to question your style as they seamlessly pair with almost any outfit, from Monday morning meetings to Casual Fridays. The bold, rubber outsole and premium materials keep your look fresh and clean with every wear.
  • HIGH-QUALITY MATERIALS — Carefully constructed with high-quality textile and knit uppers, these shoes strike the ideal balance between timeless, elevated style and laid-back, casual flair. The lightweight, flexible outsole adds a touch of sporty sophistication and absorbs shock, keeping you looking and feeling your best.
  • ELEVATED STYLE FOR ANY LOOK — From your favorite jeans to your best work slacks, these Dockers shoes were made to easily polish off any outfit. The textile and knit uppers, detailed stitching, and iconic Dockers branding showcase your elevated style in a subtle way, making these shoes an easy choice any day of the week.


Bardwell - Mens Knit Oxford

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