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What Is Nashville Shoe Warehouse?

September 02, 2019 2 min read

We are the online destination for branded footwear.

What makes us different? We don’t just stock shoes and boots from all your favorite brands; we make them, too. This means that we stock a comprehensive selection you won’t find anywhere else: every style in every size (including extended sizes and widths) and every color.

Established in 2016, Nashville Shoe Warehouse is the licensed brands division of footwear manufacturer Genesco Inc. We hold exclusive licenses with Dockers® , Levi’s® and Lucky Brand® to manufacture and market their footwear, and we also produce shoes and boots for GH Bass & Co, ADIO and FUBU. As part of Genesco, we have a rich shoemaking heritage to draw on. The company was founded in Nashville in 1924 and acquired the storied Johnston & Murphy — famous for sending custom footwear to every US President — in 1951.

Unlike our parent company, Nashville Shoe Warehouse does not operate any retail stores. Focusing on e-commerce allows us to keep our overheads low — something you’ll see reflected in our prices. And our home in Nashville, Tennessee puts us in just the right place for e-commerce. Not only is Music City buzzing with creative energy, but it also happens to be located in the geographical center of the country. This means that we can ship to most addresses in the US within two days.

Dedicated to exceptional customer service as well as speedy shipping (we have 99.7% positive feedback ratings across marketplaces including Amazon and eBay), we carry a full range of styles, sizes and colors from every brand we carry.

In short, Nashville Shoe Warehouse delivers a world of footwear straight from the heart of Tennessee.