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What to wear when you’re working from home

August 06, 2020 2 min read

Will Covid-19 change our working habits forever? Nearly two thirds of American workers worked from home during the pandemic, and employers including Google and Zillow recently announced that they will be extending remote working.

Still, that’s no excuse to stay in your pajamas into 2021. Here’s how to stay professional and keep comfy while holding down a job from your kitchen table.

Get dressed. We were alarmed to discover that only half of Americans (47 percent) wear pants at all times when they’re working from home (which is definitely something to think about on your next video call). Denims or chinos with plenty of stretch strike an appropriate middle ground between being full-on tailoring and dialing into your team’s all-hands meeting with no pants on.

knit jacket from dockersSlip into a comfy jacket. Are you one of the 39 percent of Americans who gets changed before a video conference? Keep a lightweight knit blazer on hand and you’ll always be prepped for unexpected Zoom calls.

Dockers T shirtUpgrade your tees. We can all agree that a formal button-down shirt is a step too far. But that’s no reason to let standards slip altogether. Swap last year’s faded t-shirts for a fresh selection to get you in a more focused frame of mind.

Embrace the casual loafer. Nobody ever felt professional shuffling around the house in a pair of slippers. So we recommend slip-on trainers or loafers instead — easy to slip on and off when you’re working from home, they’re perfect for errands and weekends too. Our picks? Try the Dockers® Shoes Ferris casual loafers with 4-way stretch, the Seaside linen sneakers from Levi’s®, and G.H. Bass & Co’s Hudson WX loafers.



 dockers ferris slip on loafer for work from home