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Introducing Levi’s Slippers

August 06, 2021 2 min read

Time to Slip into True Comfort

No longer a winter accessory, slippers are the new go-to loungewear accessory. Perfect for grabbing the paper and cooking up Sunday brunch or those last minute video calls, slippers have found a new place at the top of the footwear pyramid. Whether you’re looking for a pair to easily slip on and off or something that wraps your feet in comfort, our brand new line of Levi’s slippers will keep your feet cozy and stylish.


men's levi's slipper collection

If you’re looking for the perfect slipper for those work-from-home days, this is the slipper you’ve been searching for. Of course they’ll keep your feet warm and relaxed with their shearling lining and memory foam footbed, but these slippers will help you keep focused thanks to their loafer design. It can be tricky to keep your head in the game when home is just so homey, that’s why going for a slipper with a little more structure, and one that resembles a shoe you might wear in the office, will help you hustle through the work day while still embracing the work-from-home perks.


Just because you’re lounging around the house doesn't mean you can’t love the way you look, and these slippers are just the piece you’re missing. The microsuede uppers and bold Levi’s logo mean you don’t have to worry who might stop by and catch you in your pjs. But this new slipper trend isn’t limited to the comfort of your home, slide on these slippers with jeans or shorts to run to the store or grab that much needed iced coffee and show the world just how laid-back you can be.

Whether your weekend plans have you holding down the couch or crossing off a long to-do list, these slippers are the companion you want. They’ve got dual density, memory foam inside and heavy duty outsoles so you can take your comfort anywhere you might end up. Pair them with sweats or jeans and be a true weekend warrior as you stay laid-back, casual, and on the go.