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Casual Cool

September 01, 2021 2 min read

You’ve seen him, we all have, that casual, laid-back guy who is rocking a pair of jeans while somehow radiating class and refinement. A light button-down shirt and straight jeans have never looked so polished, then you see the final puzzle piece, the component that truly balances this look of chic class and casual cool -- his loafers.

Jeans and loafers are an old school staple in men’s fashion and now, more than ever, it’s easier to tailor this look to a range of styles and outfits. Whether you’re headed into the office or stepping out for a weekend around town, it’s easy to modify this trend to your own personal taste and needs.


A True Classic

Looking for the true classic of this trend? Try sliding into Dockers Landrum Dress Casual Loafers and a pair of Levi’s 502’s. These straight cut jeans come in three darker washes with Levi’s iconic detailed stitching to keep your style elevated, and the slightly tapered fit make them perfect to pair with these Dockers loafers.  The genuine leather and old school tassel accents will seamlessly polish off your look, while the clean-cut jeans balance it out.


The Modern Twist

If you’re wanting to add a bit of flare to your style, then this combination is sure to be your favorite. Take a slim fit jean and add a subtle loafer for a posh, yet not overpowering, look. We recommend pairing Levi’s 512 Slim Taper Fit Jeans with Dockers Franchise 2.0 Dress Loafer.The stylish cut of the jeans will effortlessly show off the genuine leather of these shoes, making it a breeze to keep your look relaxed and refined. Add a classic button up shirt, like this one from Dockers, with cuffed sleeves to really pull together this outfit.


Casual & Comfortable

You don’t have to slide into skinny jeans or iron out your best shirt to embrace this trend. With Levi’s Nick KT Casual Loafers it’s easy to give this look a go, while staying comfy and cool. Add these knit loafers with a relaxed pair of denim, maybe grab this pair from Levi’s, for an outfit that gives off truly laid-back vibes. The relaxed fit of these jeans paired with the casual, yet comfortable features of these loafers will keep your look crisp and your feet happy.

Whether you’re dressing up your best fitted jeans with a pair of genuine leather loafers, or throwing on your old favorite jeans with a pair of modern, casual loafers, this timeless trend is ideal for any day.